Get Feisty with Satan

I refuse to lose so you might as well leave.

I’ll stay up all night if it means through Christ there will be victory.

I’m going to war, give me your best.

Oh wait, is that all you got?

Your old tricks won’t work on me anymore, I know them now.

You think you’re so clever and crafty,

but I can see right through your lies

I can call it out now, “Yep! That’s the enemy!”

I’m calling you out, I won’t be fooled by your schemes.

You promise me good things, but you leave me so displeased

You had me once before, but thankfully not anymore.

You whisper at me saying “it’s okay, just this one time”

But I know that “one time” turns into two, three, four then eventually an addiction.

I refuse to go back to that place, so I will fight.

I will get feisty with you Satan.

Go ahead, throw your temptations at me!

Give me the best you got.

I laugh at the thought of you, for my Savior and King has defeated you!

My mind is sharp and ready for attack,

I got my armor of God and it’s ready for use.

So throw your best stuff at me, taunt me with my past.

Your lies don’t hurt me because my King has got my back.

My armor protects me from all that junk.

So come on Satan.

I’m getting feisty with you tonight. 


I wrote this because I wanted to communicate how Satan lies and deceives. I don’t have an addiction.


One thought on “Get Feisty with Satan

  1. AMEN . . . the battle is ours to win as long as we are fully protected. We must always have on the full armor of God and be ready for the attack. For we never know when, how, or where our attacker will strike but we know he will and we must be ready to “get feisty” with him!

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