Following God Through Dryness

It has been over a year since my last post. Why? Because I’ve been afraid to post. I’ve been ashamed to admit where I’ve been- In a place of dryness (I will hit more on being ashamed later). Over the past year, I’ve been walking with the Lord and many a times its seemed like I was in a desert. This dryness looks like me feeling like God is distant. Walking with God over the past year hasn’t been easy. It’s looked like me battling with depression, frustration and confusion.

So where am I now?

I’m still following God through dryness.

I learned that everyone goes through dry periods and that feeling this way doesn’t mean that I am doing anything wrong or that God isn’t pleased with me. I don’t need to be ashamed of where I am at. Christ is made perfect in my weaknesses and that is something to boast about!

God’s promises have sustained me over the past year. In His Word I am reminded of His promise to never leave me. Although God feels distant, He has never left me! Satan loves to whisper lies.

But bro and sisters..Don’t let him whisper lies to you! Call out those lies! Get feisty with satan, get feisty with sin! Don’t let them have a hold on you!

Don’t let your feelings triumph over Truth. You may be feeling distant from God, but what does God’s Word say about that (Your heart is deceitful above all thing! Jer. 17:9)? All throughout the Old and New Testament we see God making promises to His people, telling them that He won’t leave them (And He never did!) That “distant” feeling is a lie. Don’t let Satan pull one over on you. Shout it if you need to! (I like to shout at Satan and call him out on his schemes) (My residents probably think I’m nuts!)

Whether I am “feeling” God or not, His promises are still true, His character is still the same, His love for me is still everlasting!

This dryness will end. If not in this life, we can have confidence that dryness will be a thing of the past when we finally meet Jesus. Push on sisters and brothers..push on!



4 thoughts on “Following God Through Dryness

  1. Hi Emily. I know about dryness. It is depressing and frustrating. When you pray it seems like the prayers don’t reach the ceiling let alone God. But the dryness does end. Keep walking with God and trusting Him. And remember, the devil is a liar and the father of lies. God loves you and is with you.

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